A little History...

From an early age, probably 16 or 17 years old, I concluded that it takes almost as much energy to learn someone elses song as it does to create your own original song. With that mindset I set about the task of writing at least one song a day for awhile, the notion being that the art of 'doing' in itself is an exciting challenge and 'doing it a lot' could only result in better songs! Alas not many of those early works survived the test of time for very long but a few pieces were recorded much later on with the compilation of my 41st album in 2006 called "The Day before Yesterday 35 Years Ago". I think of these songs as "pre-stone age" because they were written before my transformative psychedelic period which lasted from 1972 to 1984 with after effects still lingering ;-).

Each decade since I began recording has been pretty productive and I remember that I was often motivated to create new music purely for the purpose of having some music perfectly tailored to work by in my pursuit of the visual arts in my painting and airbrush art. This was somthing I did right up until I got into computers in 1984 with my first Atari drawing tablet! The 80's were particularly productive as I found new energy in electronic art and the evolving technology of home recording devices and music sampling and easy access to symphonic sounds and synthesizer fx. It was quite an exciting leap from my mono, reel-to-reel sound-on-sound recordings of the 70's. At this point listening to artists like Allan Parson's and George Martin's work with the Beatles taught me much about recording production and layering... sometimes falling into that 'spectre' of creating a wall of sound, however I have a preference for multi-layers of sound and in fact it shows in my visual artwork as well! I rarely am found unplugged but I do use the accoustic guitar to write and it is almost always included on a track or two in my final recordings.

In 1981, a transient group was created called Lightdreams because a friend of mine, known as "Mushroom Dann" was impressed with an album I was producing at the time called "Islands in Space". He offered to help finance the vinyl pressing which resulted in the only official record that I ever released in a limited edition of 1000. The TEAC corporation was so impressed that I actually pressed an album from their then cutting edge multi-4 track cassette deck, the TEAC 144 that they sent representatives to Canada to purchase a couple of cases of my records. It was really at the tail-end of the vinyl medium's peak despite the fact that I still sell the occasional copy from the few copies I have left.

Slowly but surely I am remastering and making my material available through all the wonderful channels and avenues offered by the Internet. Among those I have also begun producing music videos (some in 3D) through my established YouTube Channel. CD Baby is my preferred distributor because they provide a very cost effective way to release MP3 Digital Downloads and provide a way to connect to a wider network of music affiliates including iTunes, Sound Cloud etc. The Store Widget above represents officially released digital downloads of my work and as my budget can allow it will be added to. The albums listed on the right are my complete up-to-date archive and those shown in red are also available directly by simply emailing me and requesting a copy. I use PayPal for online payments and will send you a link immediately to where you can download a copy, complete with album art sufficient to make a personal copy CD. You may request others in the catalogue and I will prioritize those and get you a link ASAP, feel free to inquire.

Thanks for your interest in my music.

Paul Ralph Marcano
British Columbia

Original Recordings by Paul R Marcano (and friends)

1.1972A Time and Space for Everyone
Mp3 Download $9.95 Toronto, Ontario
2.1973The Politics of GodMono - 40 mins.Toronto, Ontario
3.1973Valley Flutes
Mp3 Download $5.95Toronto, Ontario
4.1974Dreams & ReflectionsMono Reel2ReelMaberly with Sam Sellars
5.1975For those Peak MomentsMono-40 minsMaberly
6.1976The Gentle Art of Seeing RealityMono-40 minsMaberly
7.1978Psychedelic Side Effects
Mp3 Dopwnload 90 mins. $14.95Maberly
8.1980Music for Space ColoniesMono - 40 mins.Goldstream, British Columbia
9.1980Optimystical HeightsMono - 40 mins.Goldstream
10.1980 Paradoxical DreamsMono - 40 mins.Goldstream
11.1980 Silent Circuits Stereo - 45 mins.Goldstream
12.1981Islands in Space
MP3 Download $9.95Goldstream with LightDreams
13.198210,001 Dreams
Mp3 Download 90 mins. $14.95Goldstream with LightDreams
14.1982A Sound VacationStereo - 90 mins.Goldstream
15.1983Airbrushing Galaxies
MP3 Download $9.95Goldstream with LightDreams
16.1984Mystical Myxtures Stereo - 45 Mins.Goldstream with Trevor Inkpen
17.1984EtherStereo - 45 Mins.Goldstream w/ Miles Lowrey and KC Tebbutt
18.1984The Mirage You HearStereo - 45 mins.Goldstream using Mirage Sampler
19.1985Metal and Ice SdreamsStereo - 45 mins.Goldstream using Mirage Sampler
20.1985Data SdreamsStereo - 45 mins.Goldstream using Mirage Sampler
21.1985Sdreams of SdreamsStereo - 45 mins.Goldstream using Mirage Sampler
22.1986Return of the Comet Stereo - 45 mins.Goldstream using Mirage Sampler
23.1987Vectors for ViolinsStereo - 45 mins.Goldstream using Mirage Sampler
24.1987Crosswinds Through the ForestStereo - 45 mins.Goldstream using Mirage Sampler
25.1988Ancient Animal MemoryStereo - 45 mins.Churchill video soundtrk with Craig Harris
26.1988Turn on the ViewscreenStereo - 45 mins.Goldstream using Mirage Sampler
27.1989FractallucinationsStereo - 45 mins.Churchill soundtrk for Video
28.1990 Songs from the Gene Pool
MP3 Download 90 mins. $14.95Churchill
29.1991Thesuvius D-Zone VHS Hi-Fi - 45 mins.Miniature World soundtrk - Space
30.1992Universe in a BoxVHS Hi-Fi - 45 mins.Churchill all Roland Sound Canvas
31.1993 Klazzical MewsMidi - 45 mins.Churchill
32.1993 First Time Back
Mp3 Download $9.95Churchill with LightDreams' Andre Martin
33.1995Isle of ViewsDAT - 45 mins.Churchill
Mp3 Download $9.95.Churchill
35.2002 Coastal Curios
Mp3 Download $9.95.Churchill with Steve Hendrick
36.2003 Synthasia (CD & MP3s Available)MP3s - 61 mins.Churchill with the four Muskatunes
37.2003 Tofino Royale MP3sTofino with Josh Clarke
38.2005 SynthasiaIIMP3sChurchill with Josh Clarke and Nat Marcano
39.2006 Aztech Rising Live on VR5(MP3s)VR5 Virtual World Concert
40.2006 Beyond One
MP3 Download $9.95Marcano and Meyer
41.2006 The Day before Yesterday 35 Years Ago
MP3 Download $9.95Elizabeth Dr.
42.2007 Where Spheres TouchMP3sElizabeth Dr.
43.2008 Hindsight 2020-360 Degrees
MP3Download $9.95Elizabeth Dr.
44.2009 Awareness - Consciousness
MP3 Download $9.95Elizabeth Dr.
45.2010 Spare Chance to Change
MP3 Download $9.95Marcano Meyer & Martin
46.2011 Once You Get Your Chops (instrumentals)MP3sMarcano with Josh Clarke
47.2012 Once You Get Your Chops (Songs)MP3sJosh Clarke with Marcano
48.2013 eClips of the Mind
Mp3 Download $9.95Marcano Elizabeth Dr.
49.2014 Progmatic Resonant Music
MP3 Download $9.95Marcano Elizabeth Dr.
50.2014 The Cosmic Sky Continuum
MP3 Download $9.95Marcano Elizabeth Dr.
51.2014 Jennifer Way
MP3 Download $9.95Instrumentals Elizabeth Dr.
52.2014 Cue the Crows
MP3 Download $9.95Collaborative Album Elizabeth Dr.
54.2014 Picture in the Mind
MP3 Download $9.95P.Marcano Elizabeth Dr.
55.2016 Never Born Never Dying
MP3 Download $9.95Instrumentals Elizabeth Dr.
56.2016 Nouveau Classiques
MP3 Download $9.95Instrumentals Elizabeth Dr.
57.2014 Travelogue Scamps
MP3 Download $12.95 Collaborative Album Elizabeth Dr.

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