ALBUMS: Islands in Space - 10001 Dreams - Airbrushing Galaxies - First Time Back

Islands in Space by LightDreams    10001 Dreams by Paul Marcano and LightDreams    Airbrushing Galaxies by Paul Marcano and Andre Martin    First Time Back by Paul Marcano and Andre Martin

Lightdreams - Paul R. Marcano, Cory Rhyon, Andre Martin, Tim Moore, Art Lowe and John Walker

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LightDreams was a studio band created in 1981 during the time of the recording and limited edition, vinyl release of Paul Marcano's album Islands in Space. The album featured all original songs along with contributions by composers Andre Martin and Cory Rhyon as well as player contributions by John Walker on lead, Tim Moore on Sax and Art Lowe on bass. More info on Islands in Space can be found here

The music of LightDreams has been characterized as 'alternative psychedelic, electronic folk music' with a delicate blend of acoustic, symphonic and electronica elements. Other albums by the studio band appear on Paul Marcano's 1982 production of 10001 Dreams, a double album of his original songs plus an extraordinaryly surreal second album of carefully blended conceptual pieces by LightDreams.

After about 1983 with the release of Airbrushing Galaxies produced by Paul Marcano and Andre Martin, LightDreams members developed careers of their own, occasionaly popping up as a duo. Paul and Andre have continued over the years to collaborate on a number of pieces of music that have often become part of album projects, not the least of which is an album they recorded in 1993 called First Time Back. This album is part of a string of albums produced by Paul Marcano over the years, starting in 1972, his catalogue of work is extensive and can be found here with some albums available for digital download.

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12.1981Islands in Space
MP3 Download $9.95LightDreams
13.198210,001 Dreams
Mp3 Download 90 mins. $14.95P.Marcano and LightDreams
15.1983Airbrushing Galaxies
MP3 Download $9.95LightDreams - P.Marcano & A.Martin
32.1993 First Time Back
Mp3 Download $9.95LightDreams - P.Marcano & A.Martin
63.2020 Passed my Due Date 2020
Mp3 Download $9.95New Release - Paul Marcano


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  • Interview with Paul by Psychedelic Baby Magazine - Click Here
    Features an unreleased version of Being Here (from 10001 Dreams) along with comments about it by composer Andre Martin
    as well as 'Dreamer's Dream' off of the unreleased Airbrushiung Galaxies album.

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